Ready to create the lifestyle you crave while making money from home? 

We hear you!


A few months ago you might have been feeling...



Frustrated at spending most of your time working towards someone else’s goals.


Unrecognised, underpaid and under-appreciated.


Fed up of working all the hours in the day just to pay for someone else to take care of your kids.


Exhausted of feeling like you were splitting your energy in 10000 directions.



And now the world has been turned upside down and you are realising...


That you need to find a more sustainable lifestyle that allows you to support your family financially and emotionally. 



That you no longer want to be at the mercy of your bosses who don't have your families best interests at heart. 

That job security is no longer what you thought it would be.


What really matters.... 



What if we were to tell you becoming a Virtual Assistant could make it possible  for you to….

Work hours that suit YOU

While being able to meet the needs of both you & your family.

Have more freedom

and time to do the things you actually WANT to spend your time doing!

Have peace of mind

That you can provide for your family during challenging times.

Stop the struggle

of trying to please everyone and feeling unable to be the best version of you.

Replace your income

Earning more money, working fewer hours and with a better lifestyle.

Be your own Boss!

Building a business that suits you, and the life that you want to live!

It is time to take control of your future!

Now we know what you are thinking right now… 

You worry this is just another scam.


You’ve listened to the promises from other work from home opportunities or MLMs but you have tried them and failed to make a decent income

You worry you don’t have the necessary skills.

You don’t know where or how to find clients.

You don’t think you can earn enough moolah.

You think you are too busy.

Well guess what….. 




We get it - and we had the same concerns when we first started our own Virtual Assistant business but honestly, the only thing standing in the way of creating the life that you want for your family is YOU!


This is legit. For real. And what is allowing us to thrive through these uncertain times. 


We just had our biggest month in business in one of the most turbulent economic months our globe has ever had. 


And we want to help you to create the same freedom for yourself!


We will teach you how you can transfer your skillset into the online space (and trust me the potential is limitless)


We will teach you not only where to find clients but how to book and land them.


And we will teach you how to leverage your time effectively to create a more balanced lifestyle!



A comprehensive training program and support membership to help you to set up your own freelance Virtual Assistant business, working online so that you can earn a full time income while working part-time from home.


It’s perfect for mothers who want to make money while being there for their children and want to have the flexibility to choose their own schedule and the clients they work with.


Whether you are ready to step away from the corporate hustle, are worried about job security, trying to get through this whole COVID-19 lockdown or are a stay at home mom looking to provide for her family, this program will give you EVERYTHING you need to set up your business quickly and easily!

In this program you will be taught...


    Working online as a freelancer or Virtual Assistant earning a minimum of $20 per hour.


    That are highly sought after by prospective clients and fundamental to set up for your own online business and how to become a master at them. 


    That will give you the ease and freedom you crave so that you can have the flexibility to take care of the needs of your family while also building your business.


    And how to be magnetic so that they actually sign on for your services. 


    That so many people make that ending up costing a lot of time, money and energy, and often lead to failure. We take away the guesswork giving you everything you need to get started earning money as a Virtual Assistant right away!


    And transferable skills (even if you don’t think you have any!)

Unlike other training and coaching programs that have a huge upfront cost, we wanted to make this available to help people who are worried about their financial future and don’t have the funds to invest upfront. We also provide a high level of accountability to make sure you actually complete the program and build the business that you and your family need right now!


Your success really matters to us! 


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

What You Will Learn

In this program we will cover topics like...

  • Laying the Foundation

    The structure and systems you need to set up an online business, so that you can do it properly!

  • Va Va Voom Your Visibility 

    How to stand out and get hired by dream clients so that you can attract them with ease!

  • Finding Your Soul Fam Clients

    Where they hang out, and how to speak so they can hear you. 

  • Managing Maven - Projects

    How to manage client projects with systems, and processes for peace of mind.

  • Mama's Motivated Mindset

    How to stay focused with a positive mindset to give you the best chance of success.

  • Time for Tea and time for all

    Time management tips and tricks to keep you on track and to create a balanced lifestyle.

  • Managing and Maintaining

    How to effectively nurture your clients and get repeat business.

  • Websites Made Easy

    Helping you learn how to build websites for yourself and others to bring in the moneyyyy. 

  • Branding Bootcamp

    How to create a logo, brand style and consistent messaging for your business (and for clients!)

  • Packaging and Pricing

    How to price your offers and services to be profitable and achieve your goals!

  • Simplifying Sexy Systems

    How to use the most in demand platforms and systems.

  • BONUS - Templates & Tools

    We will provide templates, guides, hacks and worksheets so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. 

So Why Does This Matter?

It matters because life is short, time is precious, and you should spend it in a way that fuels you and feels like freedom.

It matters because, we no longer need to subscribe to the idea that making money means having to choose work over our dreams or our loved ones. 

It matters because we have the answers you have been looking for.


It matters because you can do this with EASE and we want to show you how.



As an ex Executive Assistant, Natalie started her own online business over 5 years ago, she has worked with 100s of business owners, helping them to grow and scale their online business, while building her own six figure business in the process!

As a mother of two girls, one with additional support needs, she is passionate about helping women live a life of freedom while being able to be there for their children.


Candace went from Stay At Home mom to Entrepreneur over 3 years ago when she found her back up against the wall needing to be the sole source of income as a single parent. 

Having created a life of financial and lifestyle freedom for her family, she realized her calling is to help empower and teach women how to create the independence and flexibility that she so desperately needed those years ago.


Here what our clients have to say...

So freaking powerful 💥 I just love the way Natalie gets me to “just do it” in the most understanding and loving way and manages to kick ass in such a kind way! 💥 this girl is my business’s success!

Nicole K

I’m no longer in it alone. I feel like I have a partner who is in it with me.  Natalie cares about my business as much as I do.   She helps me create my vision, she’s with me every step of the way. She’s not just my right hand, she’s my left when I need it.  I don’t know what I did before I found Natalie! She has literally saved me. She breathes new life into me and into my business every single time we interact.

Dani W

Candace is a pleasure to work with, she is truly committed to helping you succeed!  Everything she does is professional on all levels. Her creativity and resourcefulness will inspire you!

Sarah S


What's Included?

  • Video Trainings and walk-throughs, showing you how to set up your online business, and learn the most in demand skills to start making money quickly!

  • Weekly live training, coaching and Q&A , to answer any questions, help you with your specific issues, and help you build momentum.

  • Supportive Community, of other mamas in the same situation working to rise together and motivate each other. Now is the time to work together.

  • Templates and swipe files, so that you can hit the ground running and don't need to reinvent the wheel.

  • BONUS!!!
    FREE "Get Paid in 14 Days" Challenge giving you actionable steps you can take to land your first client as quickly as possible. 

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How much time is required?

What do I need?

How long do I have access to the program?

How much can I expect to earn?

Really, the world is your oyster. We have built a six figure business starting from the knowledge we are about to teach you.


We recommend a starting rate of no less than $25 per hour, which working just 10 hours a week, can bring in up to $1000 a month! Working full time, it could bring in almost 4x that. We charge clients up to $497 per hour for some services now. So the world really is your oyster.


How much you earn is really down to YOU, the time you have to put into it, how proactive you are, and your willingness to do what it takes.

How fast can I expect to see results?

 Is everything available immediately?

What experience do I need?

I can't afford it... I need to focus on the essentials...

We hear you. In today's economic environment we have to make every penny count. So please DO NOT purchase this program if you are worried about paying for your next monthly food shop. BUT, we are launching this now to help make sure that you will continue to be able to buy the essentials that you need for the next few months (and beyond!). So if in the short or long term you need to find a way to make money from home, and are ready invest in building something to bring you some future stability. START HERE! We have purposely made it as affordable as possible. 

Ready to make money on your terms?

Great! Cause we've got you covered...


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Our Promise

You can cancel your subscription at any time and access will be removed at the end of your billing period. Monthly access is non refundable. Why? Because this stuff really works, and we are ploughing so much time and energy into this to really help make this a reality for you. By investing in this, you are investing in yourself and your future and you can expect us to do the same in return.

Candace & Natalie

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